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    Question Unanswered: win2003 AD + sql2000 without netbios?

    i'm running a standalone server that is on windows 2003 enterprise, sql server 2000 enterprise and has active directory and dns installed.

    from what i know it IS possible to go without netbios in a domain with all win2000+ comps. however is there anything that will break down in regards to sql server 2000?

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    1,578 for information on without netbios.

    --Satya SKJ
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    and sql?

    err yes i know all that. but what about sql server????? i dont know a whole lot about sql server 2000. does it use netbios for anything?
    for example, using the visual studio .net browser and connecting to a remote sql server on the same network. is it done using dns or netbios, in terms of name resolution?

    that tutorial you linked me to i saw before and it only tells of netbios implication in Windows. also it notes that although Windows can have netbios disabled, other applications may still need it.

    also what about workgroups. without dns and ad, how can the sql server communicate with local network clients?
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