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    Unanswered: HTML pages through PHP

    Hi All
    I have heared on one software that can be used to create html page but in the background this will call the php file. This helps the site to be easly grabbed by the spiders.
    Does anyone know about this?
    I may be wrong but I know there is some thing which can be used to creat such files.
    If any one know about this please let me know

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    Hi Rajesh, I did a quick search and found this post on DevShed, .php as .html is it possible?

    You can configure this by adding a line to the .htaccess file. You can also configure this in Apache's httpd.conf file, if you have Apache and access to change the config. Check this DevShed article for more info on the Apache Config. Using ForceType For Nicer Page URLs

    Interesting quote from article:
    we use this technique on to create easy to read page links and also to help the search engines.
    Exactly what you are wanting to do.

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