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    Unanswered: creating new tablespace in raw device - oracle RAC - sun cluster

    Hi Gurus.

    Please I want to know how to create a tablespace in raw device.

    I am using:

    - Oracle RAC

    - Veritas Volume Manger and Cluster Volume Manager

    - Sun Cluster

    Is necessary to link the raw device?

    I created one tablespace but after the reboot was gone.

    Is necessary to update a file?

    Please help.

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    What statement did you use to create the tablespace?
    What tool did you use; SQL*Plus, Oracle enterprise Manager, something else?

    Give us some more information please.

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    have unix create the raw file
    ie: /dev/vx/rdsk/sid/tablespace1.dbf <-- 1Gig

    once raw file is created then create your tablespace:
    create tablespace tablespace1
    datafile '/dev/vx/rdsk/sid/tablespace1.dbf' size 1000M
    extent management local uniform size 128k
    segment space management auto;

    I think there is a 1M overhead with raw devices so create your raw file sizes
    with an extra Meg of space.
    - The_Duck
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