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    Unanswered: Recover Database

    Hi all!

    I'm completely new to MySQL and I tried to do my homework (I RTFD), but I can't figure out what to do and am in quite a hurry to find out. So here goes...

    My situation: I have two hard disk drives in a server at a hosting company, one is the old one with a dead RH9 installation (very strange RPM issue, http and php completely messed up). On this one is also an old MySQL database with LOTS of information that otherwise would have to be reentered by hand by me and about a dozen other peole.

    On the new disk, there is a shiny, brand-new installation of RH9 with a virgin database. Can I somehow copy the old database to that new installation? If so, how? I can't just try and see what happens, because each manual reboot costs me money. Also I pay for the time both disks are still in my machine. I would appreciate any input.

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    If you use MyIsam table type (which is the default with MySql) you can copy the databases file from one disk to an other.
    You just need to change permission on the database folder and restar Mysql server.
    You may not have to reboot the server but you need kill and restard mysqld.
    Olivier Miossec

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    if you are like, me a newbie, not that good at a command line, i recommend myManager. it has the capability to do the job that you describe in GUI... you can easily navigete through the backup facility...

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