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    I've the following code, that works fine when the MDIForm1 initially open, but when I click one menu option, it shows me the correct form, but the Menu of the MDIForm1 disappears.
    If I click somewhere on the opened form, the MDIForm1 menu appears again????.

    What code have I to put on the childform to see always the mdiform1 menu?

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    Look and see if you have a menu (probably with no items, or not visible) on the child form. A menu on an MDI form will adopt the menu on a child form when that child form has focus.

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    Hi MTaylor,

    No, I don't have any menu nor on the mdi nor on the child.

    When the program start, the menu is ok, as soon as I click an option, the menu goes away, BUT, if I click somewhere on the child form, the menu comes again.

    So, what I'm missing is the code to fix the mdi menu all the time.

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