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    Question Unanswered: Set "Trial-Offer Period" Duration and Use Expiration

    Is there a way to create in MS Access a dBase file with a "trial-offer period" - so that users may have access to and try out a dBase for a specific period of time and after the specified trial-offer period, user would be denied access to the dBase? Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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    Well what I like to use is an .mde file instead of the full .mdb file. Then if a user likes it and want the full file they can PayPal me (just another similar idea that's pretty workable)...
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    Create a form frmExpiration with some text and close the db.

    On the startup form create a on open function

    If date > then 01.01.2005 then
    DoCmd.DeleteObject acForm, "frmMain"
    DoCmd.Rename "frmMain", acForm, "frmExpiration"
    end if

    The main menu will now no longer exist and program disabled

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    Slight variation of theJedi's solution. I've used a subform in my startup form (frmLogin) that is bound to a table [tblRegistration]. I store a shutdown date as well as a registration code. This allows users to keep using the same file if they have the code. Some simple IF-Else statements to show/hide buttons does the trick...

    Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
    	'Enter Registration Code here and cmdRegister_Click and change RegDate in tblRegistration for activation date
    	If (Me!RegDate > Date) Or (Me!RegCode = 1234567890) Then
    		Me.Visible = False
    		Forms!frmLogin!cmdLogin.Visible = False
    	End If
    End Sub
    Private Sub cmdRegister_Click()
    	'Enter Registration Code Here AND Form_Open and Change RegDate in tblRegistration for activation date
    	If (Me!RegCode = 1234567890) Then
    		Forms!frmLogin!cmdLogin.Visible = True
    		Me.Visible = False
    		MsgBox ("Registration code not entered correctly. Please try again or contact xxx to obtain your code.")
    	End If
    End Sub
    Note: I send this out as an MDE, like Paul mentioned, then wipe it out if they purchase an MDB.


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