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    Unanswered: Query Hangs for Progress on Metaframe

    We have a strange situation. We have a Progress DB on a Citrix Metaframe box. We are using a System DSN to do ODBC for queries (MERANT 3.60 32bit Progress v9.1). When any user does a query (MSQuery) from their workstation, things are fine. If they use a Citrix session, the Query hangs. If the user is promoted to an Admin (in Windows), the query goes fine.

    What is more bizzare is that if tracing is done while an Admin in a Citrix session, the Query also hangs... If the Trace is off, no hangs for the Admin users.

    I have tried all the registry settings ("Everyone" has full rights to all the ODBC areas). I am not sure if this is a File permissions issue or something deeper in the registry.

    Finally, Queries to other databases using a System DSN are fine.

    Thank you!

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    Perhaps you should specify PUB schema for each table that you refer to in your query (I mean SELECT * from PUB.your_table_name for eaxample).
    Bogdan Brzozowski

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