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    Unanswered: How can we check Connection Pooling in VB is enabled or not?


    I am trying to use Connection Pooling in Visual Basic.
    Firstly, I am not been able to get the required functions i.e. SQLConnect, SQlDissconnect etc., which are required to do the Connection Pooling.

    Secondly, How can I check connection pooling is working or not in Visual Basic?

    Please reply if u have any idea about this.
    Thanks in Advance...


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    It seems that you are trying to re invent the wheel

    ole db and odbc already take care of that eficiently

    you just have to remember to connect (conn.Open connStr) as late as you can and to disconnect(conn.close and set conn = Nothing) as soon as you can and do not keep connection when it is not necesary.
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