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    Unanswered: Setting the NEWLOGPATh

    Environment db2 ver8 ese on Solaris.

    We are moving db2 ver8 fixpak 5 from v440 to v880.

    Everything is same, but when I tried to change my NEWLOGPATH to the new path , The db2 automatically appending the NODE0000 to its path.
    My new server are in rollforward state.
    My old server is still in use, but its path is not showing any NODE0000 to its path.
    How can I change the NEWLOGPATH same as my old server(with no NODE0000 appended)

    My databases are not partitioned also , my db2nodes.cfg , contains only 1 line.

    regards & thanks


    regards & thanks

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    When you do the restore command you can specify the new log path, but you must insure that the path is already created in the file structure.

    RESTORE DATABASE databasename USER user id from e:\data\db2\backups taken at 20040904124615 TO F INTO new database name NEWLOGPATH 'path where you want the new logs to go' REDIRECT without rolling forward;

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