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    Unanswered: using Listbox based on query of date

    ok ready here we go...5 cups of coffee deep bout to start the hard liquor cuz i can't figure this out for nothin

    I am using the Calendar ActiveX control and a listbox on a form that shows which shipments are being shipped today. here is where i'm at

    Main Table - Reference#, ShipDate, MustDeliverBy(These are the fields I need, but not all the fields in the table)
    qryShipTracing - Reference#, ShipDate, MustDeliverBy
    ShipDate(criteria) = Calendar0.value

    There will always be a different amount of shipments
    using the listbox I want to be able to choose the reference# and it open a form showing all the information for that reference#
    how do i setup the code with an undefined Case amount?

    some days,let's say, there will be 31 shipments Case 0-30
    other days 51 shipments Case 0-50
    what can I do?

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    also if possible... maybe a quick WHERE tutorial, that statement confuses the hell outta me.........THANKS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Why do you need a case statement? You're pulling 30 (or 50 or XXX) # of shipments displaying them in (what kind of?) form ... I'd think a continuous form.
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    CAlendar ActiveX control

    can i know what's the function of calendar activeX control?what it is do?how to use it?

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