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    Unanswered: Comparing 2 sheets to find differences

    I've got two worksheets each with around 700 rows. They are lists of contact and policy information. The policy number (text) is unique to each row and I need to know what is in sheet A that is not in sheet B and what is in Sheet B that is not in sheet A. Is there an easy way to do this. I'm familiar with Access and it would seem that a simple SELECT FROM A NOT IN B would work, but how is this accomplished in Excel. TIA

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    Here is a thread that provides both a formula approach and VBA approach.

    Compare two sheets in Excel

    Another possibility is to get John Walkenbach's utility called PUP [Power Utility Pak] (just released v. 6 this week).

    J-Walk's site for PUP

    If you buy one of his books, it comes with the book, otherwise $39 US. There several hundred speciality utilities that are all time savers - one of them is this very issue. If you don't know who Walkenbach is, then you need to know who he is - one of the premier Excel specialists in the world. His books include:

    Excel Charts

    Excel Formulas

    Excel Power Programming with VBA

    I have all three handy on my desk and use/refer to them daily. PUP is the best utility I have found for Excel (and I have several).

    btw - I have no stake in J-Walk or his books/products. I am a satisfied customer.
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