Hi all,
We are working on Crystal Reports 10.0. While developing Chart, we are facing the following problem. The X axis of a chart is Date and the client needs the Date to be converted into Month.

For example, if the date is "12/30/2004" then it has to be represented as "Dec 2004".We already have a formula written for this but while using the same in the chart, we are facing the problem of specifying the order in which it has to come in the X axis.Like if we specify the order as the order of Months then if we have 3 data as 12/30/2003, 1/12/2004 and 12/30/2004 then it has to be arranged as the "Dec 2003, "Jan 2004" and "Dec 2004". But the Chart arranges as "Jan 2004", "Dec 2003" and "Dec 2004".I hope am not confusing you guys.It will not take into account the sorting of Year .

Please help us in this regard.