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    Unanswered: Perform Script does not display expected layout

    OS=Windows 2000.

    Still learning Filemaker Pro 6.0 so please bear with me.

    I have created a script that performs a find on a Actor DB (This appears to work fine).

    If there is no data (records) found then i have it do the following:

    Show all records
    go to layout (original Layout)
    perform script(GoToMainMenu)
    exit script

    * The GoToMainMenu Script is a simple script that calls an external script (in Movie File) that takes you to the MainMenu of the Movie File *

    Here is where my problem lies:

    The best i have been able to do is get a different layout in the "Actor" file to be displayed.

    I am at a loss for the reason for this.

    I have tried miminizing the "Actor" layout and still that layout is the one displayed.

    Can anyone help me with this and explain what is going on?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    I modified the "GoToMainMenu" Script in the Movie File (this is the external script called from above) to include a:

    Halt Script Step

    This does place me in the active window from that script. But, i still donot understand why the other exit script steps would not do the same thing. Is there some basic script philosophy i am missing.

    again any help would be appreciated.
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    Because you have script steps in current script after Perform Main Menu Script, the layout comes back to the file that has this script. You will have to remove all steps after Perform Main Menu script for it to stay in the Moive File.

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