Hi all,

plz any help or direction will be blessed

I have created a schema (XSD) for making reports for my company in XML format.

The XSD schema I've wrote is suitable for different types of reports we have on our company, to achive this I've used the flexibility of XSD schema to define general complex type and the <choice> indicator. my schema file is complex and condensed.

I've tried to use this xsd file and load our data to MS SQL Server (this is what our users will need to do), and I see that I need to map every element to a table or field. but what if I have one element that is mapped to 2 tables depending on the type of the report ?

what is better :
1. to give the user this one complex and condensed schema that describe all types of reports and let him deal with it?
2. to break this schema to little schemas for each report type ?
3. is it a good solution: the user will filter the data that he is interested in by creating its own xml file from the one we give him by applying certain XSL ?

best regards