Let say..

I have 8 AP, all inserted manually in the table.

AP_ID | AP_Name | AP_Location
1 AP01 North
2 AP02 North
3 AP03 South
4 AP04 South
5 AP05 East
6 AP06 East
7 AP07 West
8 AP08 West

Then I have a Floor_Plan table.

Floor_ID | Floor_Num
1 Level1
2 Level2
3 Level3
4 Level4

Let say AP is randomly placed at any level.
Q1. How to assign each AP to the floor such that each floor have exactly 2 AP?? Is it use query??

I have a Users table where all the data captured by the AP are inserted as well as a Valid_Users table where all the valid mac address are stored.
Then, to divide valid users from intruders, I use 2 queries - qryIntruders and qryValid_Users. I've already manage to do this.

Let say, the mac address of the users are captured at all of the AP.

Q2. How to know which Users are from which AP, eg. location of AP?

I need consultation in this.