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    Unanswered: Control files...need some explanation...

    I got 5 questions to ask. I know my questions kind of long... I'm a newbie. Please spend some time reading it. Hope to get some info here. I'm using 10g on RedHat. Thanks.

    1) If the database is running, in what situation we know is a Control File error? Or the only way to find out is when the next startup take place? Or check from Alert Log?

    2) If the control file crash while the database is up and running, what will happen? Will user be able to continue their work, perform query? Or all activities will just hang?

    3) If the control files are identical, if one of the them crash, will it affect the other 2? if "control01" crash, will the other 2 control files affected as well?
    (i thought they are meant to be identical). And how bout "control02" crash? will it affect "control01" ?

    4) Is it a must to have 3 control files in order to startup? what if one of the control files is not there? what if "control02" crash? Will the database still stratup normally?

    5) If the "control01" failed, will instance automatically look for "control2" or "control03" to start? Or it won't start until "control01" is recover?

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    These questions may better be answered if you read this.
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