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    Unanswered: Value of a List box

    I am sure there is a simple solution for this but I can't think for nothin right now....

    the information shown in a list box for example reference# 48000,48001,48006 (which change all the time so another time could be 49015,49945,49999)

    I want to open a form with a WHERE clause to open the form based on the reference# showing all info concerning that reference#.

    I would rather it be based on the OnClick of the listbox but it could be off of a command button... please help

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    where's the problem?

    if your wannabe form is based on a query (if not: fix it) open the query in design view, hit the criteria cell under the reference field and then hit the magic-wand thingie in the menu bar.

    in the resulting dialog:
    left-pane: navigate - forms/all forms/form with the list
    then middle-pane: double-click the name of your list.

    ...unless this is a multiselect list: that's also very do-able but takes a little more effort.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    the list value is coming up based on the position of the click...

    for example


    instead of pulling up the reference#

    besides I, am trying to learn the WHERE clause because I keep trying to use it but it does not seem to work for me.

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    Have a look at this's a Search Db that utilizes the Where clause function in Vb and passes it to a query or to a form...

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    Change the column the list is bound to.
    In the properties the bound property dictates which column the query is looking at.

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