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    Unanswered: display the description of the parameter field in the report

    How do i display the description in the report for the parameter field
    eg suppose Parameter UWName Value is AA Desc is Andy Arace
    I want to display the Desc of the Parameter in the report details instead of the value AA
    Pls help

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    As far as I know SG doesn't have any function to display the paramaters description instead of their value. But in your case, I think you can use the description as you parameter value, eg. set the value "Andy Arace" instead of "AA" for the paramater.

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    Hello: simple explanation for this one:

    Make a formula:

    if {?param 1} > "" then {field.description} else "Not Selected"

    then insert this into your report.

    If the formula contains something > then the description will be displayed. if it is blank it will state: Not Selected.


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