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    Unanswered: how do I segregate business logic from content in multilingual applications?

    Hi Pals,
    I am currently coding one multi-lingual application in php where in all my content (headings,text,form titles) comes from language files and the php scripts takes care of displaying the content and business logic.

    But I am having some problems when it comes to displaying values in pulldowns. One example is language pulldown.First,I thought that I would have this alone in a table rather than template.

    So my table structure became,
    lang_id int
    langname_eng varchar
    langname_fre varchar

    So the data would be like
    lang_id langname_eng langname_fre
    1 English Angla..
    2 French Franca..

    Likewise , for all other similar pulldowns , I'll have similar table.

    But recently I got a comment saying that I should be having all language specific content in my language files and I shouldn't be having it partly in
    files and partly in tables.The reason I got is that,when we distribute a new language , the only thing the customer should need to do is to upload the directory to the required destination.

    My language file has got this following structure


    Now I am not sure on how to move the pulldown data to the language file and still maintain dynamic content.Can anyone please tell me how I go about doing this?

    Thanks & Regards,
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