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    Unanswered: Crystal Month Problem

    I am trying to create a chart of work vs. months. The data looks something like the following:

    UniqueID| Work | Month
    2 | 38 | Feb
    3 | 25 | March
    9 | 42 | Sept

    The chart I have created shows the months (Feb, March and Sept) and its respective work. However, I need to chart each month even if there is no work. In other words, I need to plot (Jan, April, May, etc...) with '0' Work.

    UniqueID| Work | Month
    1 | 0 | Jan
    2 | 38 | Feb
    3 | 25 | March
    4 | 0 | Apr


    I have a similar problem when I am creting a normal report. Showing the month name then various summaries. But if the Month has no summaries, then the month does not get displayed on the report. I want to over ride this somehow.

    I even tried creating a new table with all months and the subsequent year 1900 to 2099. I then made an outer join from this table to my other tables - but still no luck.

    Can anyone help me?


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    I can think of a somewhat messy way to achieve this using SQL Server (not sure how it would translate to your database).

    I would use a SQL Server stored procedure to select (using COUNT to summarize) the data into a temporary table, then us a cursor to loop through the table looking for missing months and inserting a row into the temporary table for each missing month). The stored proc would end by SELECTing * FROM the temporary table.

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