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    Arrow Unanswered: prints latest rows, but excludes X number

    Hi, looking for some assitance -

    I'm trying to print the last 9 rows from a table, but wish to exclude (don't print) the last 3 row at any given time

    PHP Code:
    $result mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM covers ORDER BY cid DESC LIMIT 9"); 
    Any help?

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    I am not sure whether I understand you here .. If you do not want to print the "LAST 3 ROWS" of the recordset at any point , then why do you need to specify the number "9". Instead you can alter your query like " LIMIT 6" .

    But if you need to eliminate the "LAST 3 ROWS OF THE TABLE" , then you can give it as "LIMIT 3,9" . Not sure whether this would answer your question.Can you come up with an example?


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