I'm running VB6 and MS Access (from office 2000) on an XP Pro system with 1.5g RAM.

The problem I'm having is intermittant.
When importing records from a .dat file to tables in Access, the application hangs every so often with the error message "Run-time error "-2147467259 (80004005)" saying that the VB app could not update; currently locked.

Before running the test on the app, I close the database, of course.
The hang, although it is intermittant, always occurs at the same location in the code (when attempting to update the table), but not the same file record. IE.. it works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't. The problem is, the client will need to import records from 4 (and more in the future) files into the database.

I've attempted to put a 'DoEvents' pause at various locations in case it was just a matter of the OS skipping along. I've also attempted to reduce the number of fields being written to the given tables by putting in a "VarDat.recordset.update" command every so often. Niether approach seems to fix the problem.

Like I said, it is intermittant. I've been able to import all 4 files without fail, but only once. In testing, this error has stopped me all other times (The success was after the first few failures and nothing was changed before the next test run which resulted in the error).

This project is still in the development environment, btw, if that makes any difference. I haven't tried compiling and testing it as a .exe yet. Wondering if it's just an environment issue, so I'll try that while I wait for a response.