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    Unanswered: I get invalid value INTERPRETED for parameter plsql_compiler_flags error for Imp.


    We upgraded the oracle client on our server from to

    Now when we try to do an imp on the server,we get this error

    IMP-00003: ORACLE error 96 encountered
    ORA-00096: invalid value INTERPRETED for parameter plsql_compiler_flags, must be from among AFFINITY, COMPILATION, SCHEDULING, MESSAGING, EXECUTION, GRANULE, BUFFER, MEDIUM, NONE, TIME, HIGH
    IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully

    I guess always the default value for plsql_compiler_flags parameter is INTERPRETED,but why imp is not accepting it,Is there any problem with the upgrade? if not to what value should I set this plsql_compiler_flags so that it works fine.

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    Per Metalink:

    Solution Description -------------------- You need to set the plsql_compiler_flags parameter to another value then NATIVE before exporting your data. So, either dynamically update this parameter with an 'alter system set' before exporting any data, for example: SQL> alter system set plsql_compiler_flags=INTERPRETED,NON_DEBUG; or update your init.ora to comment out this parameter (the default 'INTERPRETED','NON_DEBUG' will then be used) or set it to any other possible values, such 'INTERPRETED'. If you change your init.ora, you need to restart your database. Explanation ----------- You are encountering a bug that will be fixed in the upcoming patchsets. plsql_compiler_flags determines whether PL/SQL code is compiled native or interpreted and if debug information is included. Possible values are: 'INTERPRETED' - compile in interpreted mode 'NATIVE' - compile in native mode 'DEBUG' - include debug information 'NON_DEBUG' - no debug information Defaults are: 'INTERPRETED','NON_DEBUG' See [NOTE:151224.1] PL/SQL Native Compilation in Oracle9i References ---------- [NOTE:151224.1] PL/SQL Native Compilation in Oracle9i [NOTE:153368.1] Init.ora Parameter "PLSQL_COMPILER_FLAGS" Reference Note


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