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    Unanswered: sqlplus startup(GUI)


    i'd be able to start sqlplus from the command prompt with
    connect SYS/CHANGE_ON_INSTALL as SYSDBA. guess they have'nt changed the password of sys on installing oracle9i.
    How can i now login to sql plus using the GUI(Application development-->SQL plus) ? tried user name as sys and password as change on install, it has'nt worked.

    After logging to OEM console(Standalone) with system account, is it advisable to change the sys password?

    In many books it has been advised not to change the sys password because it affects the internals or in general do u chnage the sys password on instllation?

    Thanks for your time

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    You should most definitely change the sys password. Why would you leave the account with default special in your case, where it is set to default specified in documentation of some versions.

    As per sqlplus the syntax should be

    sqlplus "userid/password as sysdba"

    Connect is used once you are in sqlplus.

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    (this all assumes you have a passwordfile set up)
    you can log in as sysdba to the gui using a few methods.
    1. Log in as a normal user first, then once you are connected type:
    connect sys@sid /as sysdba
    You will then be prompted for the password and you are in.

    2. Create a shortcut on your desktop for the sqlplus gui. R-click the shortcut
    and at the line named "Target" add to the end your connect string in quotes:
    C:\oracle\ora92\bin\sqlplusw.exe "sys@sid /as sysdba"
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