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    Question Unanswered: ACCESS Forms Background colors

    I have a cloned database that my users want all the form background colors to be a different color from the original (vbGRAY) so they will JUST know from the color that they are using the CLONED database(light blue) and not the original.

    My original db background colors are all value = 12632256 (gray)
    I would like to set the clone value to = 16777088 (lt. blue)

    My question:

    Is there a way to CHANGE ALL(HEADER, DETAIL SECTIONS) the form background colors without having to do it manually in each form??

    Or manually adding a ME.FORMHEADER.BACKCOLOR = 000000000, ME.FORMDETAIL.BACKCOLOR = 00000000 for each form load event?

    A way to add to the 12632256 value to increase it to the 16777088 value?

    (I wouldn't object to the manual effort if this was to be a yearly occurrence, but it is probably just a one time deal.)

    Thanks for any ideas

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    You'll have to do it manually the first time, kind of. Create a function that sets the color for a form based on a global variable, then call the function in the on open event for all the forms.

    A simplified version using a global boolean var called "clone"
    Function SetBackgroundColor(frm as Form)
    If clone = True then
       frm.backcolor = 16777088
       frm.backcolor = 12632256 
    End If
    then in all the form load events you would call:


    Naturally you can set as many sections as you want in that function, but it gives you the ability to set the colors for the original and clone versions from one central location.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Exclamation design tip

    remember dark foreground on light background and light foreground on a dark background.

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