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    Smile Unanswered: Db2 DBA Exam 702

    Hello Everybody

    I have cleared certification exam 700 in october and I am preparing for Exam 702. I am using IBM redbook 'everything you want to know about Db2 v8 and more' and also the new book on DB2 certification by susan lawson. I am going thru this forum and got an impression that the questions in this exam are little more different and tricky than that is given in the above books. Also I got an impression that the questions in the sample exam on IBM website are of no use when it comes to the actual test.

    Can anybody, who passed the exam 702, guide me on whether studying the above mentioned books/material is sufficient in clearing the exam. Also is it useful preparing in lines of sample exam on website? Is there any other material you would recommend me to study apart from above mentioned material.

    Also I would highly appreciate if you can give me the outlines of actual questions from actual exam.

    Thank you all so much and looking forward to a positive reply from all of you who attempted/cleared the exam 702. I am planning to give my exam in Dec 3rd week.


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    In the past the sample exams were very close to the actual exam. Some of the questions were identical. IBM has recently outsourced the sample exam web site to another company, so it may not be the same as before, but I would check out the sample exams and take them as many times as you can.
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