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    Exclamation Unanswered: Expression builder help. Month Name to Number

    This was posted earlier, thought I had a solution but it did not work with my application. becuae i cannot use modules in the query with ODBC (did'nt know that till to late)

    I have an Access database query with a month column (with full names of months in them) . I need to build an expression that will take

    DECEMEBER and make it 12
    November and make it 11
    October and make it 10 and so on.

    I tried this and it worked for 1 month at a time ****** Expr1: IIf([month]="January","1") ****** but how would I format it to make all the months corespond with the right number?

    The table value is not a month field it is a text field. so I don't think any of the date variables will work. I hope this is simple one for you access guys out there. I really need some help on this one. 10 hours I have been working on tis .... I am drained

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    Found the solution...... YAAAA!

    MN: IIf([month]="January","1",IIf([month]="December","12",IIf([month]="February","2",IIf([month]="March","3",IIf([month]="April","4",IIf([month]="May","5",IIf([month]="June","6",IIf([month]="July","7",IIf([month]="August","8",IIf([month]="September","9",IIf([month]="October","10",IIf([month]="November","11"))))))))))))

    Just drop that in the expression builder!

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    No need to put all of those nested IF statements in. Try this:

    CInt(Month([Month] & " 1, 2004"))


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