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    Unanswered: Sorting with NULLs


    I'm not sure why this is happening, but I'm trying to sort/order on this special field/column that I have created to allow precise ordering. However, for all of the values that are returned, if there are any NULLS, they are returned first/ahead of the values of what I want to be returned first. This field/column I created is called 'POW' (stands for Priority on Web). The values are just integers, 1-whatever, and we try to make sure that they're all unique. So for example, if we have a 1 in that field, then that row should be returned first, and if another row has 2, then it should be next. However, this is not working exactly - all of the NULL values are returned FIRST, then the proper values in the correct order. I want the NULLS to be last, because it may take some time for someone to go into each record, and assign it a unique value. My current SQL statement reads:

    mySQL = "SELECT SignTypes.Id, SignTypes.SignType, SignTypes.SignDescription, SignTypes.FinalSignWidth, SignTypes.FinalSignHeight FROM SignTypes JOIN PropLocSigns ON SignTypes.Id = PropLocSigns.SignTypeID WHERE PropLocSigns.PropLocID = " & Session("PropID") & " AND (RestrictOnWeb = 0 OR RestrictOnWeb IS NULL) ORDER BY SignTypes.POW; SELECT @@ROWCOUNT"

    So if someone knows of a way to put NULLS last, and still have my proper ordering, that would be great! I would think that there's some simple way of doing this, but not being an expert, I don't know. Thanks for the help!

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    NULLs, being "the absence of any value at all" sort to the top. It may be that you want to omit those entirely with a WHERE .. IS NOT NULL clause. This is usually what you want to do.
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    And if that's not what you want to do (meaning the design is probably bad []), then you can use ISNULL(column_name,9999999) or something to force the sort order. Just know that the sort order will take longer.
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    ORDER BY case when SignTypes.POW is null then 1 else 0 end, SignTypes.POW | @rudydotca
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