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    Unanswered: Does Filemaker 7 Capture Login Name?

    Please help me with this one:

    I'm building a database in Filemaker Pro 7 to support a club of about 225 members. I have published it to the web successfully. Each user's account name is equal to their first and last name, for example: John Doe Also, they each have a unique password. Each record has full name captured in a field called "Full Name". Now, I want to allow users to view all records but only be allowed to edit their own record.

    I know that I can accomplish this through Access Privileges individually by setting each users rights to edit a record only if Full Name = "John Doe" for John, Full Name = "Bob Smith" for Bob, etc etc. I've done this and it works, but I certainly don't want to do this 225 times. I need to know if Filemaker captures the Login Name somewhere. If it does, I can set the calculation to allow record editing if Full Name = Login Name. Does Filemaker Pro 7 capture the login name, i.e. the name the user typed to login to the database over the web? Where can I access it?



    PS Neither Get (AccountName) or Get (Username) works. I need a Get (LoginName) function to capture the name of the person who logged into the db through a browser.
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