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    Unanswered: VB6 ProgressBar Trouble

    Hi All!

    I'm implementing my first-ever progress bar. Essentially, I want it to do this.

    On button click (to continue) the program is going to do some background tasks, for cleaning up old database entries and whatnot. I want the status bar (with text box below) to indicate the status of this.

    I have the status bar set to hidden until the button is pressed, and then it shows up. But here's the problem. During the "status changes" (where I have set the max to 100, min to zero), the status bar's physical size changes.

    For example, I set the value to zero as soon as its shown. I've drawn the ProgressBar1 width (graphically) on the form, so it goes all the way across the form.

    During the first update (ProgressBar1.Value = ProgressBar1.Value + 10), it seems to work. Then, on the second go-round, (another + 10), the physical size of the ProgressBar seems to shrink down to a smaller width. it does this until the very last go round, which, at the end, appears to make the physical size 100% (full width) again.

    Anyone have any ideas as to whats going on!?

    -Matt H-

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    Based on what u mentioned, I dont see anything wrong that would cause the size problem.

    Maybe you could create a new project and test the progress bar on a new form with a single button without hiding the progress bar initially.

    If it works properly, I suspect that the problem might be due to your implementation of hidding the status bar. The size changing might be due to flickering of the visible status?


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    thanks Ty!

    I'm not sure what's goin on... it might be something with the machine i'm coding on, because it just started working again the other day....

    :-/ (uh oh!)

    thanks for the info. though, if it really is broken still, i'll try your suggestions and repost :-)
    -Matt H-

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