I have been reading some of the threads discussing ADO and its value and am rather wondering whether I am barking up the wrong tree.

I have spent several months converting a large application written in VB6, using DAO and an Access mdb database to use ADO, with a view to being able to give users the option to use SQL Server and to make the transition to .NET easier.

The superficial syntax changes were straightforward to make, but the testing has thrown up lots of funnies, and fixing them, throws up other issues and this is where most of my time has been spent, and I am still far from finishing.

However, to get to my questions…

- I had the impression that I could not use a SQL server database with DAO. Is this true?

- Is ADO Classic to ADO.NET easier than DAO to ADO.NET?

- The majority of my users want to continue with Access, am I going to be penalising them with a slower response, for the sake of the minority who wish to use SQL server?