I am set to graduate in a few months and I have started to look at getting a career in the databases sector.

So far, this is the information I have. Is it reasonable?

1) DBA's are in demand. Supply is not too high. The market is not saturated.

2) DBA's get paid very well (more than average developers, etc).

Here are the questions I have.

1) With a bachelor of CS degree. What is a good next step to eventually becoming a DBA?

2) What are some other jobs in the database sector that are also paid well?

3) What can one do now, in their own time at home, to best build a 'portfolio' of DBA skills / experience?

4) Can anyone share their stories from graduation ---> now in regards to their career in the DBA sector?

If anyone could comment on my first 2 assumptions, and provide some insight into the 4 questions below, I would be very grateful.

Any other insight / advice would be very helpful as well.

Thank you..