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    Unanswered: New Record Form for Normalised Data


    Hopefully this will be a pretty straightforward question...

    I have a table, with many values foreign keys to data in other tables.

    I want to create a form in order to add new records to this table. I need the form to have drop-downs showing the text values from the other tables, which will then place the relevant key values into the main table.

    I can create a query to join all the tables and output the correct data, but when I've tried to make an Add New form, and place drop-downs to show text values from one table in order to place the key in another, I run into problems.

    I know how to do this in VB or ASP, but I don't know enough about Access so I'm getting a bit stuck.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Use only the main table as recordsource. Then in design view of the form, use the combo wizard to create your combos looking up the other tables. Remember to bind the combo to the correct field (select the field in one of the last steps of the wizard).

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