I've been through the PHP site and googled around for answers, but I'm still having difficulty getting XSLT loaded.

My PHP.INI file has the following settings (my OS root and php install is on the D: drive)

extension_dir = "d:\php4\extensions\"

My IIS config is pointing to the ISAPI DLL and executes a plain PHP page fine.

Here's a sample of my code:
PHP Code:
$xsl 'style.xsl';
$xslt xslt_create();
$results xslt_process($xslt$xml$xsl);
error_log("XSLT Error: #" xslt_errorno($xslt). ": " xslt_error($xslt));
The error I get is the following:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function xslt_create() in D:\webfolder\php\ping.php on line 6

Now, I've googled around for this, and they all say that you have to make sure the contents of the DLLs directory (especially sablot.dll and expat.dll) is copied to the system32 directory. Several also mentioned copying php4ts.dll into system32. I've done this and rebooted the entire server and I continue to receive the error.

Any suggestions? Thanks!