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    Transitive Dependence et al

    Any recommendations for any Windows and/or Linux tools to help
    normalize a database? It's essentially a combination of several
    existing databases (that have some related information) into a single

    Also, recommendations for books on the theory of database design,
    especially a temporal relational database, would be appreciated.

    Finally, say you have a piece of info that's a direct consequence
    of other pieces of info (>1) in a table, but that is quite computationally
    intensive to calculate. Would putting it into the table violate
    3NF and the transitive dependence condition? I'm gathering that this
    isn't the case. I'm uncertain, however, how best to document that
    it's a function of other information in the table. A separate table,
    with a concatenation of the functional dependencies being the
    primary key?


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    DBDesigner (google it) is a very powerful modeling tool available in XP and Linux. It's free.

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    computationally expensive? store it

    if you don't keep any documentation outside the database itself, then i would recommend giving it a column name that makes it clear

    create table dilbert
    ( id integer not null primary key
    , name varchar(30)
    , foo integer
    , bar float
    , qux decimal(10,2)
    , calculation_results_based_on_values_of_foo_bar_and _qux integer
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