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    Unanswered: calculations in a report

    I am doing a report on my clients
    I have fields to calculate such as [age],[county], [ethnicity], [gender] etc.
    I am working on the ethnicity..I can group them and do a running count over group but I want to summarize the total...for example, I have 20 white, 30 hispanic etc. In the detail section it lists each one by row..How do I just total the group

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    Where are you making this calculation? Calc fields generally need to go in a header/footer section. You could use a SUM(IIF(ethnicity = "some ethnicity", 1, 0)) to find the count of each ethnicity. Where this would go depends on the specifics of your layout.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    that's what I did in the report footer for other fields( county, Sex)
    When I do that for ethnicity, a parameter value cbox comes up
    Here's what I wrote

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