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Thread: disable F1 help

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    Unanswered: disable F1 help

    anyway to prevent the help window from popping up when pressing the F1 key?

    I've placed code in the form's key_down procedure and made it run a routine i've created, but after it has processed that, it pops the HELP window. Can i disable the HELP window?


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    If you want nothing to happen when you hit F1 do this:-

    Have a look at my sample attached db and look at the autokeys macro and you will see what to do.

    Also type keys into help and you will see how to use the keys and not only the F1 - F12 + Shift, Alt, Ctrl etc.

    If you create your own autokeys macro it will not start to function until you close and re-open your database.
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    John A

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    i've never used macros before, but i just exported your macro script into my db and it prevented the help menu from popping up.

    i tried to create a macro in my own db but it didn't work. I'll look up how to create one though.

    Thanks for your help!

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