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    Unanswered: Installing Oracle9i on Solaris SPARC on which Oracle8i is already running


    I have an Oracle 8i running on my Server which contains two instances, up and running.

    I am supposed to install Oracle 9i in the same server as part of upgrading the Application from Oracle8i to Oracle9i.

    Please give the Preparation steps and guidelines for Oracle9i Installation( I need to install in such a way that after Oracle 9i installation all the three instances..that is one for Oracle9i and the existing two for Oracle8i are up and running).

    And I am planning to follow the below approach for upgrading the existing Oracle8i database to Oracle9i database :

    1) I'll take the full logical backup of Oracle8i database and import it in the Oracle9i database which I'll be creating. ( As the data is less than 2GB )

    2) Once Oracle9i is installed I can run the create database script at the db nomount state.

    Pls...give me the necessary guidelines for Installing Oracle9i in the above scenario.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Awaiting the solution.


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    Use Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) and follow the instructions.
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    strange ...
    you would think Oracle9i would come with some installation instructions
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    Thanks for the URL...I have got the required information from it.

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