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    Unanswered: running application without installation software

    hi there..
    how to run the application without using installation the software needed.example i use the microsoft access then want to run that system in the other PC that is not have the Mic i need to make the compilation and execute the system..somebody know how to make the compilation or executable?please help me...

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    You have to use the Developer Edition of the Micro$oft Acce$$

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    Hambakka's on the money....

    If you want to deploy an access application on a machine which doesn't have Access installed then you either have to (buy and ) install Access on the target machine or buy a copy of the Access Developer edition and deploy the copy of Access Runtime on the target.

    The only other option I can think of, is to deploy the applciation as a web based app, however there again there are licenscing issues. If you deploy Access web pages (Data Access Pages) then the client has to have a licensced copy of of Office Webv Components...


    You deploy a true web based systems using either ASP or a similar scripting language oe CGI etc.... But then you will have thrown away any of the user interface you have just designed in Access.

    If you consider going down the web route then you may also consider gettign rid of Access / JET as the database engine in favour of what your ISP could offer, probably SQL Server or more likely MySQL if you are on a budget

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