Hi Folks,

A new tool for Oracle database development and administration, called Guggi-Oracle, has been released by Impact Solutions (http://www.impact-sol.com). The tool comes with a ton of features such as:

1. View 28 different database objects such as tables, views, synonyms, directories, queues, libraries, indexes, procedures, packages, functions etc.

2. Compile PL/SQL code, create database objects (tables, views, indexes, etc.)

3. View data linked by referential integrity

4. View current active and inactive sessions.

5. Filter and view data from tables and views.

6. Easily view the source code (DDL and PL/SQL)

7. Reverse engineer a database

8. Run reports

9. Check tablespace free space, free spaces by objects, and coalesce space.

10. View latches, locks, waits, oracle parameters, registry information

11. Calculate statistical parameters such as min, max, standard deviation, variance, standard error, kurtosis, skewness of data stored in tables

12. View DBMS output

13. Change user password

14. Multiple ways to connect to Oracle - Normal, SYSDBA, SYSOPER

15. Search for database objects across all schemas

... and much, much more

You are welcome to download a free version of Guggi-Oracle by going to www.impact-sol.com