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    Unanswered: Problem in Informix Onbar Logbackup


    Our Informix version is Informix Dynamic Server Version 7.31.FD2X9.

    Today we have restarted the server after 4 hours the onbar process was started with command onbar -l
    -C. The log backup which backs up in 20 secs before restart has now taking almost 1 minute and 10
    seconds. The backup we are using is Veritas Netbackup. Could any please help me what could be the
    reason and where could be the bottle neck.

    R. Karthik

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    We are also using Veritas Netbackup, but we are using a Spectra-Logic Jukebox for our tapes. We have similar problems from time to time. The slowest part of the log backups is waiting for the correct tape to mount and position itself. Once we start writing, we write 100MB logical log files in a couple of seconds.

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