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    MySQL SNMP Agent and Web Console - Monitor MySQL

    AdventNet announces the release of SNMP Agent/Manager for MySQL which provides out-of-the-box ability to monitor and manage the various components of MySQL database such as users, queries, performance, logs, etc.

    The agent leverages an in-depth MySQL performance monitoring by providing real-time statistics and availability of the MySQL server to optimize database performance and enhance reliability. Apart from retrieving data from the managed resources, the MySQL agent has the ability to send alerts to the managers when it detects any significant event. It allows creating simple rules with minimal configuration effort, to set thresholds on critical information for sending notifications. Such notifications include, sending SNMP traps to managers / sending e-mail to administrators when the threshold is exceeded.

    It provides a web console so that you can access the management information from anywhere on your network. The SNMP interface allows you to easily integrate with standard management consoles, such as HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, etc.

    To learn more about the product, please visit:

    The product is available for free download and evaluation in the following URL:

    For support queries and feedback, kindly mail us to

    AdventNet Inc.
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