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    data model problem

    Hi there everyone, happy new year.

    Okay I am in the process of crerating a database using the standard database design method.

    I have created a model but as this is the first time I have tried this im unsure if it is okay.

    I know a model changes throughout the design process, but I need some expert advice to see if it is okay or any suggestions as how it can be improved.

    I have attatced the model and also a brief scenario of the problem

    Any help greatley appreciated

    Best Regards
    Richard Howells

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    <img src="">
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    you are apparently assigning surrogate keys customer_product_id and customer_interest_id

    i wouldn't, i'd make the PK consist of the composite FKs to each respective parent entity

    also, there's an extra table between customer and product_type, one o' them has to go

    customer-product_type is many-to-many, so there would be only the one relationship table between them | @rudydotca
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