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    Unanswered: Connecting Oracle DB to SQL Server DB

    We are having trouble connecting to a SQL Server DB. OUr SQL Server guys created a view for us to grab data out of, but we cannot connect the two databases. It's telling us the TSN name is incorrect or doesn't exist, which is true. We are currently using tools such as TOAD to work on our database. Does anyone know a good solution to connect to a SQL Server DB from Oracle?

    We are using Oracle 10g products.

    Thank you
    Todd Farino
    Timet Corporation

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    Do you have SQL Server gateway installed ? You have to install gateway software and setup an entry in the listener for oracle to see any third party databases (such as SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, etc).

    Only other method would be using Access or some other tool to connect to both SQL Server and Oracle via ODBC.

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