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    Exclamation Unanswered: HELP! ODBC--call failed.

    When I open a Query on an Access DB, I get this error message:

    ODBC--call failed.

    [Microsoft][ODBC-SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Could not find stored procedure 'ctsp001mrsextractmrpack'. (#2812)

    I have numerous ODBC Connections on the SQL Server and I have double checked them and all of them seems to be fine.

    Any advice or Idea will be much appreciated.


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    Well, don't know, but here's something to check:

    If there is a piece of invalid data in the source, Access may choke on it when trying to retreive it. For example, if a field is registered with ODBC as a date field, Access will look for valid dates. It will happily pull the data, page by page, until it hit an invalid date, and then crash the entire recordset - even if the query field is setup as something other than a date.

    We were able to work around this by using Access 2.0, which uses ISAM, to screen the data for invalid values. ISAM marks the individual fields as a invalid instead of crashing the entire recordset. From there, we were able to identify the corrupt values and then fix them in the source data.

    This was a few years ago - it may not even apply any more.

    Hope this helps!

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