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    Unanswered: How to test the listener

    Hi ,

    I am using DB2 V8.1 on solaris OS
    how and where to check whether listner is running on the server and ready to accept client connections.

    appreciate quick help

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    A tool called PCT (protocol communication tester) is supplied with DB2. Here's a tutorial (you need the Connectivity part:

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    The command at this tutorial is very good.
    But people find it difficult to use.

    Most of the time, this will get you up and running very soon.

    1. Set your db2comm registry variable.

    2. Set your SVCNAME same at the value in /etc/services file.

    3 Check the listener of the protocol is running using db2ptree command
    db2tcpcm process.

    4. At the client use telnet <ip_address of the host> <port> to check the
    underlying protocol

    5. Catalog node/database with proper authentication.

    6. The netstats command at the client/server will help you if the connection is comming but not accepted by the db2



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