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    Unanswered: Dynamic Stored Procedure Calling


    How can I call the SP dynamically?

    My Scenario

    I know SP name and Parameter Name. But Parameter Sequence I will not know while calling the SP.
    So i want to call the SP with Named parameter

    For Ex:

    In SQL
    exec <SPNAME> <ParameterName> = Value, <ParameterName> = Value
    In Oracle
    <SPNAME> (<ParameterName => value, <Parametername> => value)

    So System will assign the Value to the particular Parameter. I can call the SP in any sequence.

    How can i do this type of requirement in DB2?
    Kindly help us to solve this problem

    DB2 Server details : Iseries Server - V5R3

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    I have not seen a parameter-value construct in db2 ...

    One way is to read the data from the system catalog tables and build the CALL statement .. If you have overloaded the SPs, then this technique may get even more complicated ...

    There could be better solutions

    Have you checked the Oracle - DB2 Migration guides?

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