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    Unanswered: JBoss connection pools Vs Postgres connection pools

    Hello Everyone,

    I am using JBoss as my application server. I have a datasource configured in the deploy directory that says


    Now I understand that my application server needs to know about my database but that the database does not need to know about my application server. Now according to notes postgres default maximum connections ( using postgres 7.3 ) is 32. I send a request to my server that requires a connection and releases it straight away. I have run the test with 10, 20 connections and it works no bother. When I try it with 32 connections it fails on the 32nd attempt to get a connection from the datasource.

    Basically I want to know what is the difference between configuring my application server for maximum connections and configuring the database maximum connections ??

    Also, 32 connections seems rather small and I would like to be able to configure my database for at least a 100 connections. ? How can I do this? Is their a restriction on the number of connections postgres can cope with?

    Thanks for listening,


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    Look for PostgreSQL configuration file - $PGDATA\postgresql.conf
    Сhange parameter max_connections.
    And restart server.

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