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    Question Unanswered: ocopy.exe in Oracle 9i

    I would like to take a hot backup of an Oracle 9i database on Win 2000 using the OCOPY.EXE utility. I'll be backing up all *.CTL, *.LOG, and *.DBF files.

    Does this utility do the same thing as a level 0 hot backup in RMAN?

    Pls advise


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    This is vaguely similar to R-man, except Rman will do everything for you. To use ocopy, you must
    1. Put tablespace in backup mode.
    2. Use ocopy to copy EACH datafile for that tablespace to a different location
    3. Take tablespace out of backup mode.

    This must be repeated for each tablespace, and you must use ocopy to copy each datafile. If you have more than one datafile for a tablespace in the same directory, I believe that you can tell ocopy to copy all the datafiles in that directory.
    Understand that you must use fully qualified file names.
    ocopy is the same as dos copy, only you can call it from within sql, without the need to escape to the os or shell.
    Maybe one of the windows users can give you more information, I only work with unix, but am somewhat familiar witht the dos concepts.


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