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    Question Unanswered: Using RMAN, how do you restore from an old backup file?


    I use Oracle 9i on Solaris.

    I'm currently doing incremental level 0 hot backups every night using RMAN in NOCATALOG mode. The controlfile is backed up with the database. I back it up to a file (e.g. "level0_20041225.dmp"). After I back it up, it's backed up to tape using Veritas. Before doing a backup, I delete the old one first.

    I need to restore a copy of the database backup that was taken a month ago. This file is on tape. How do I go about it using RMAN? The documentation is not too clear as it talks more about Restoring the control file and the latest copy of the database.

    How do you restore an old copy of the database from a database file?

    Pls advise


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    you need to extract it from tape.
    Hopefully you use a catalog. If not ...

    once you can access it, the simplest way is to throw it into the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs
    directory. then, set the sid and use rman to recover the database.

    be sure to create a link from the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/initsid.ora
    to the rman backup controlfile .
    - The_Duck
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